Passport renewal


15 working days for first timer apparently. .I thought renewals could now be done online?


Best of luck. They lost the docs for my kid. I’m waiting three and a half months. “Supposed” to get it this week.


She’s under 18


If done online, 7 working days.


Only for over 18’s


Took about 3 weeks in april


Renewed my Passport online at 1pm last Thursday, received paper passport in the post this morning. :ronnyroar:
Seriously impressed.


Online works very well in fairness.


It really does, credit where it’s due.


You’d want your head examined doing it any other way.


That’s because it was a Limerick company that set it up


Sent in an application for the passport card Monday last week. Got the card back in the post today. Great service in fairness.


The card’s usefulness is becoming limited as more and more border controls use automatic gates which the card does not work at.

It’s a disgrace truth be told.


yeah, only good for flights to the mainland now


Informative rating


In Europe?


You mug.


It won’t work in the states but it will work in most of Europe. Handy to have.


Youre bolloxed.


Yeah. Malaga, Faro, London City and Dublin four recent examples of passport gates where it won’t work. You’d need then to queue up for a lad on a desk like in a 1990s bank.