Passport renewal


Bit of a joke if it doesn’t work in Dublin.


You won’t be aten swan in Ireland any time soon you cunt.


I’ll be ‘atin it after the county final pal.


You may as well, you 2ont be celebrating with the cup anyway.




All swan and no cup.


We’ll see.


Applied online for passport renewal on Tuesday afternoon. Arrived in the door this morning.
Quality service or else they know who needs to be prioritized, those going out there and selling what Ireland Inc has to offer.


Same experience last week, applied Monday and it arrived on Wednesday. That’s a quality service.


It’s all done on computers now


So easy, little Johnny could order one for himself on the ipad.


The Garda vetting done through the Gaa club is the equivalent of having the club gear bag in the passenger seat at the checkpoint.


All is forgiven, Public Service. Lord knows I’ve been an ardent critic over the years but this has washed away all your sins and we start anew.

Applied Thursday, received Monday. :clap:


its unreal
<1 week turnaround also for us


its gas the way lads are completely fascinated by getting their passport in a timely manner after completing an online process


Mick the muldoon loves it when his hard paid taxes actually deliver a standard service the odd time


Next they will be telling us how they got a new phone the same day they ordered it.


I have this vision in my mind of lads going to Dublin in a horse and cart or a bicycle, taking 2 weeks to get there and getting the passport, like it was a torturous episode


Buying fake passports at horse fairs in Ballinasloe so they can travel to the mainland post Brexit.


3 week turnaround time in the UK I believe…