Paul Galvin - Irish Maverick

This will be epic!

If he’s serious he’s a bit of an eegit if he’s not he’s made an eegit of you.

Brown shoes boot cut crosshatch jeans and red flannel superdry shirts back in vouge. A john deer or new holland jacket for bonus points

There’s plenty more to be doing with GGA grounds before considering such lavishness.

I don’t know what county players you see going around the place but there’s not many wearing that shite any more

As i said back in vogue. Full circle

Weird take

The O’Sé’s are some fellas to tell yarns. The Dubs lap up the Kerry’s boys yarns.

Galvin has wound up the soccer boyos on twitter something shocking the past 24 hours. I see more than one TFK’er in there and all, past and/or present.

How he left Trevor Giles out of his list is a crime .he’s the exact player he’s talking about.

It was an absolutely farcical comment he made. I think he’s actually serious too.

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I do think a lot of lads dont appreciate the skill levels of footballers anyway.

Not attending top level games being one issue.

Are you talking about association or Gaelic?

I’d say it is a wind up.


Sure tis away easier pass the ball from your hands