PDC World Darts Championship 2009

Starts 19th December. Can’t bloody wait.

There’s only one Phil Taylor
Walking along
Singing a song
Walking in a Taylor wonderland

[quote=“farmerinthecity”]Starts 19th December. Can’t bloody wait.

There’s only one Phil Taylor
Walking along
Singing a song
Walking in a Taylor wonderland[/quote]

GSOD starts today Farmer. Fantastic competition with the best from the PDC and BDO. Its live on ITV4

Starts tomorrow - get ready for some serious entertainment over the Christmas period. Can’t wait.

Here’s the link for the draw (can’t copy and paste it for some reason).


Is Taylor bombproof in this lads ?

Whats his best price ?

[quote=“thedancingbaby”]Is Taylor bombproof in this lads ?

I would say so. Barney would give him a good run if he got at him though.

Wade e/w is a good bet.

If Taylor gets past the first round I can’t see him not winning it.

Anyone else to keep an eye on Flano?

What about The Bull Jenkins? Performed brilliantly against Taylor in the Grand Prix for about four sets but then got hammered.

Jenkins is a serious operator when he gets going, he’s never been able to close out any final he’s ever been in, if memory serves me he has reached 6 major finals and lost them all. Again he’s a good e/w shout.

Didn’t think Taylor was as impressive in the GSOD as he has been for the rest of the year. You’d still have to back him to win it, but he has a tough enough route through. Should play Van Gerwen in the last 32, then Scholten or Painter in the last 16 followed by a possible Q/F with Mardle. Draw sets up a Taylor v Part/Jenkins/King semi with Barney and Wade scheduled to meet on the other side.

Kevin McDine might be a dark horse to come out of that quarter with Part, Jenkins and King. Got to the semis of the GSOD last year but this is his first World Championship as far as I know.

Taylor struggled badly against Van Gerwen last year and should have lost, Painter was in superb form last year and would have beaten him (don’t think so this year though), while Mardle did. Mardle is always good for giving Taylor a game in the World Championship and should have beaten him in the 2006 semi also.

Some stuff there lately about Taylor losing a lot of weight. Seem to remember him losing weight five or six years back and complaining about it affecting his balance. Probably all bullshit though.

How exactly can someone “style” Mardles hair?


Defending champion John Part crashed out of the World Darts Championships last night.

Crashed out, so he did.

And oul Terry Jenkins got knocked out by Smiffy earlier.

The Russian bird is playing in the darts at the moment. She’s already taken a leg off yer man.

13 darter from the Russian chick. Fair play to her. The sexist commentary from Sid Waddell is quite outstanding.

‘Nice leg. If I’m allowed to say such a thing’.

Nobody’s gonna phase ye Anastasia.

She’s gone to shite in the last 2 legs.

I wouldn’t mind throwing a dart into her myself

The hype and attention she is been given is a fooking disgrace. Fair play to Remco.

There was an outstanding game on earlier between Mark Walsh and Jamie Caven. Caven just seemed to lose it in the very last leg. Walsh had the chance of a 9 darter but missed the D12.

Get on the Overs for 180’s in the Lewis match.

Anybody get on the overs? Theres was 10 180’s hit in the match which was well over the 4.5 over/under mark.

Had 2 ton on the King at 1-4 to beat the Chinese lad 3-0. Silly really. The Chinese lad was pure posion though. Don’t think he hit a double all night.