PDC World Darts Championship 2009

Lewis was on fire last night with the 180s. Hit one a leg nearly.

What about 67 year old John “Mr Magoo” MaGowan whitewashing Chris Mason…highlight a 156 checkout in the final set.

Disappointing that we won’t have Mason’s other half to look at for the rest of the tournament but hats off to Mr Magoo !!

There was some strange bets being placed on MaGowan about the place. Mason is definitely not above throwing a game either I reckon.

Lads and Lassies for anyone who is stuck in Bogger1 and 2 TV land for the Christmas(I am). Heres the darts


Co Stompe was magnificent earlier. Great stuff from the former tram driver. The crowd were singing that Portsmouth FC song:

Play up Stompe,
Stompe play up.


Mardle v Stompe in the next round now,looking forward to it. Mardle v Thornton on Saturday night was class. Love it when Mardle is doing well, was jumping out out of my seat. Want him to win this out now, if he beats Stompe he’ll play Taylor in the quarters. His games with Taylor are always good, don’t think Taylor would roll him over that easily. Thornton is a Hun too so glad he was beaten.

Smith v McDine early on Saturday was another good one. McDine was 3-0 up and cruising but Smith just bullied him into submission with constant 140’s and some great finishing. Amazing thing is that he didn’t hit a 180 in the entire match while McDne got 8 or 9.

James Wade is banging Helen Chamberlain from Soccer AM btw for anyone who cares.

[quote=“sid waddell”]

James Wade is banging Helen Chamberlain from Soccer AM btw for anyone who cares.[/quote]

No fucking way. That’s outstanding.

Common knowledge that. They made a joke about it on Soccer Am on Saturday.

Your definition of “common knowledge” is a bit fucked up there.

Painters doubles are absoloutely shit, wouldn’t mind but his scoring is decent

He looks like a dickhead.

And you are a dickhead runty mafuck. Up and out.

Thanks for ruining my christmas.

looks like a cortrary fooker allright

He’s after brightening his ideas now, but it could be too late.

Painters a pain in the hole to watch, he’d break your heart, everytime he gets on a roll he misses every fookin double in sight

He looks like shirley from Eastenders…

Nicholson is a serious operator. I had a good feeling about this lad after seeing him in the GSOD and he’s doing well so far. 1/4 final against Wade I think is whats next for him as long as Wadey can get by van der Voort.

Mardle got flattened by an Amsterdam tram going at top speed there. Wonder what odds you would have got this time last year on Stompe winning the 2009 PDC title (Flano?), considering he wasn’t even expected to switch over.

Seem to remember some admittedly funny at the time comments about Stompe when he switched over that are being made look more and more stupid with every passing round in this tournament. In fairness though I don’t think anyone expected this from Stompe when he moved to the PDC. He’s a bit like Vincent van der Voort in that he’s completely upped his game since moving. Could be a clean sweep for the Dutch tonight, I fancy van der Voort to take out Wade, Klaasen has a great chance to beat Hamilton too.

Mardle kept straying into the 1 and 5 beds way too much. He finds it very hard to put two big performances back to back. He’s looking more and more like a poor man’s Jimmy White every year.

Great stuff so far between Klaasen and Hamilton. Hamilton has 10 180’s in just over four sets and is still 3-1 down. Just broken throw for the first time in the match as I type. Repeat of the 2006 Lakeside final v Barney on the cards if Klaasen can win.