Pegida in Dublin

Pegida were trying to launch their far right group in Dublin today.

Chased away by a coalition of SF, Anti-Austerity, and a wide range of other groups.

Gardaí react by losing the run of themselves against the protestors:

Video on there - you’d imagine at least 1 Garda should be in a bit of bother for lashing out at guys walking away from him.

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Apologies, mate.

It’s too late. You’ve ruined by night.


Dungeon this tripe.

Obviously pegida are scum but interesting to see sinn fein still consider getting thugs to chase away groups they dont agree with to be a valid tactic.

It was a fairly wide protest. I think a counter-demonstration is a perfectly acceptable form of disagreement. A bit of violence is not unexpected when right-wing thugs come to town.

There would have been nothing wrong with a silent demonstration illustrating their crazed right wing beliefs with signs or whatever. And its not like it was necessary, pegida would have been just laughed out of the place anyway. This gives them more publicity. Why was violence expected? Was it like the water protests and tallaght an excuse for some to cause trouble and take a few swipes at the guards masked as a protest.


What about freedom of speech Rocko?

From what I’ve read and the videos I’ve seen the aggressors got what they deserved.

An Garda Siochana take a bow after today’s scenes in Dublin I say.


Counter-protest yes. And the footage on the news showed what looked like a dignified protest at the start. Not sure how that turns into mobs careering into shops etc though?

I think today was an embarrassment for Pediga. They didn’t even have their demonstration, they just tried to attack the protesters and fled like cowards when they got a response.

I hadn’t heard that they attacked the counter protest. It looked the other way around on the news.

In fairness to SF & PBP, there was a peaceful counterprotest, Pediga are entitled to that as well though in fairness. The loons involved in the violence were most likely aligned to no one other then shop lifting and saw an opportunity to attack people and get away with it.

The ‘anti facism’ crowd (deary me) were either infiltrated or backboned by rastoolers and the anti everything mob. Basically scum looking for trouble. In this instance it’s freedom of speech as a target. The guards gave them plenty of it thankfully but then again that is usually central to their game. Expect a lot of social media videos to appear.
They are vermin.


You didn’t hear it kid because @rocko made it up.
The vermin attacked a poorly attended peaceful protest.
You couldn’t make it up really

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fuck off you idiot @Rocko
the cops were more than restrained
in any other civilised country they’d have battered the fuck out of the lot of them and restored law an order.
if far leftist fools are allowed stage so called “anti austerity” demonstrations that are merely covers for the IRSP and 32 CSM then it is inevitable that a far right will bounce .
These so called leftist do gooders today have no interest in little poor Mohommed or his baby Anwar who got washed up in Turkey, they’re no different to anyone in Pegida , its rent a crowd scum who recruit a few knackers from inner city dublin in Celtic shirts to cause a disturbace.

if we had any brains in this place we’d send Pegida out to deal with the scum who are attacking irish water staff in the various cesspits of urban dublin, Pegida would have cleaned up that occupy dame st. thing good an proper last year.
In the fullness of time they’ll be seen as a good thing, but if we’re allowing leftist scum protest then those on the right should also be allowed the prvildge


Agreed pal, and that seems to be the consensus everywhere online.

Beautifully written post Mick.

That weasel @rocko is well known for twisting facts when it comes to his beloved looney left .

Where? Stormfront? :laughing:

that’s correct
SF were not involved in that today
Vol Alan Ryan’s mates trawled around the inner city all morning to recruit some vermin (na fianna h-erieann more than likely) with a promise of pillage and theft at the end, a bit like ISIS promising their Jihadi’s sex with 14 year olds.
If that’s what @Rocko coniders to be the face of the left then i presume he is on a WUM here

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