Penalty Shoot-Out Alert


Fuck sake


This is wrong


I must admit I have never seen that before.


Fuck UEFA.


That’s disgusting

What a cunt of a ref


Never seen the likes of it, disgraceful.


This is very sad, a fucking child


This is a shocking disgrace. Hit him a slap Martin.


A thundering disgrace.

We should ask UEFA if we can be the fifth team in the semi finals.


What happened lads? Nowhere near a telly


wtf was that all about?


Keeper saved the 5th peno, but was booked for coming off his line and sent off second yellow. Scandalous.


5 million in used banknotes should cover it.


4-4 with Ireland having missed a penalty. Holland stepped up to take their last. Irish keeper saved it. Referee decided he came off the line. Gave him a second yellow card and sent him off and ordered a retake. Ireland couldnt bring on a sub keeper. Captain went in goals. Retake scored.


First time in a long time that I’m seething watching sport


That has sickened me to no end,what a cunt of a decision in an u17 tournament or any for that matter


That’s ridiculous. Didn’t realise that was a yellow card offence


Not like the soccerball lads to be sore losers


Not the first time you’ve used a tragic incident involving kids to score points for rugby.


That was utter batshit and wrong .