Penalty Shoot-Out Alert


That is scandalous. The decision is dubious but how is it a booking?


Outrageous. Marty O’Neill looked like he was going to deck the ref


Seriously did that just happen? It’s worse than the 2008 u21 final decision in cusack park. That ref should be stoned


When he makes contact with the ball the keeper isn’t even forward. It’s outrageous and not a bookable offense


It must be relatively new (or rarely enforced) because I don’t think I’ve ever seen a yellow during a shootout before.

The re-take may have been justified; from looking at the replay, it looked very marginal but didn’t have a side-on view.


We’re only the little fishes.


Zip it or else you will need more facial reconstruction surgery


Was just sent a link. It’s a new rule.


Did he say something to the cunt ??


Also it’s a fucking under 17 game, marginal call and then the cunt sends him off. He shouldn’t be allowed ref another game again.



Rules is rules…talk to joe bud…they are only childer joe dats all


Fuck Pierluigi Collina.


Did the Dutch keeper come off the line for his save?


Both keepers were warned according to Colin O Brien


Very similar


Fully grown Oirish men having a meltdown over a kids game on the INTERNET :rofl:


I’m fucking raging.


A meltdown when the ref was right too…they dont even know the fucking rules :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


No one getting thick over the game . The issue is an injustice .