Penalty Shoot-Out Alert


‘He was only a small bit over the line’ says oirish sports reporter on national radio there


MOTM performance here from @gilgamboa even though it was a tap in, well played


He’d probably be lying off in bed laughing away to himself, if his mouth wasn’t wired shut.


Noel king: “That’s disgraceful unless it’s a compulsory rule that I don’t know about”


The soccer lads don’t even know their own rules.


And Noel King is one of the top coaches in the country. Imagine what other misinformation hes passing on. No wonder we cant master even basic tactics at all levels of the game

Fellas really let themselves down here last night. Only childer. Biased UEFA. Bit of racist undertones about the penalty taker. I thought I was imagining it


Somehow using stale banter to try and rile the soccer goys isn’t that entertaining.


go easy on @gilgamboa mate

life hasn’t been easy on him


You dont say?


It was fascinating to watch


Take it easy mate you will burst your stitches


24 hours later and you’re still hopping like a sausage in a pan. Up yer game son


A bigger man than Buffon


And than many of the buffoons here roaring and shouting at the ref doing his job


Let it go. Just, let it go.


The players were very restrained even after the match. Its the commentators and the studio lads and a few nutcases here who lost the run of themselves.


I said it on here at the time, but everyone involved handled themselves magnificently. The captain spoke wonderfully afterwards, despite that absolute weirdo from Cork trying to draw him out to talk about the referee and the rules. It was embarrassing to watch that prick try draw a teenager into a controversy he had no interest in. He sidestepped the cunts effort though and was a credit to the nation.


Martin ONeill also acted disgracefully using his profile to attempt to bully and intimidate the referee who was simply doing his job.


Except the few nutcases on here


Amazing that a few lads on the internet might overreact over something. Incredible.