Penalty Shoot-Out Alert


You know how TFK works right?


Leave it… he’s mine now.


If it was a match involving an Oirish rugby side Nigel Owens would have stepped in and sorted it out definitively, as that Czech lad did there.


Dry your eyes mate


Difficult to do with chronic hayfever.


TOD acting like a massive cunt here again.


Maybe John Delaney can have a word and they will make EIre the 5th team in the semi final…
Or he might just settle for another 5 mill


A pollenty shoot out ???


Very magnanimous from the young lad there. Far more composed than those fucking clowns on commentary.


Not to be sneezed at.


I hope now that lads have had a few minutes to take stock they will be a bit more rational about things


You saw an opportunity and didn’t hold back. Well done mate.


That joke was done 45 mins ago


Fox in the box. It would have been remiss of me to ignore the opportunity


Good refereeing

Looks like a lot of the tfk soccer nerds have learnt a new rule tonight


The soccer types haven’t been these outraged since Michael Oliver correctly sent off Buffon a few weeks ago.


Someone will have to do a blog on zonal marking about it


Apparently there’s gonna be an appeal to uefa :rofl:


Never in doubt


Welcome to forty posts ago.