Peninsula Thread

A thread to discuss matters pertaining to the Howth peninsula and the villages in the foothills of Howth.

FAO Fagan, Croppy: lots of noise around 1.30 this morning. Plenty of sirens around the coast and a helicopter overhead for quite a while. Any ideas what was going on?

Is discussion of other peninsulas permitted on this thread?

That’s a good question Mac. Discussions of other peninsulae will be allowed where they can be related to experiences of peninsulae in general and can therefore be applied to experiences in Howth. A discussion therefore on feelings of loneliness or isolation that might be experienced by peninsula dwellers would be welcome.

However where matters are specific to other peninsulae, or where they simply do not apply in the case of the Howth region (e.g. are peninsulae economically disadvantaged as a result of their logistical constraints?) would not be allowed.

Take care also not to post about generic headlands, capes and promontories.

Although often referred to as a peninsula, I think Howth is more correctly a tombolo or tied island and thus a dubious case for inclusion on a peninsula thread.

Nah the strip joining Howth to Sutton is a tombolo, the headland is a peninsula.

Great to see Rocko has a fine understanding of the endings of plural Latin nouns. :clap:

I think that if the strip joining Howth to the mainland is a tombolo then by definition Howth cannot be a peninsula. It must be a tied island.

hmmm not so sure re that.

Great thread as a native of a peninsula i fully endorse it.

[quote=“Fagan ODowd, post: 739730, member: 706”]Rocko
I think that if the strip joining Howth to the mainland is a tombolo then by definition Howth cannot be a peninsula. It must be a tied island.[/quote]
What do you think the insula bit means in the name? It’s certainly a peninsula. I’ve no desire to appoint an adjudicator to this thread but will consider it if required.

What is the area between my sack and hole called?

Though I am uncomfortable with the nomenclature being used here I am prepared to allow Howth’s inclusion on the peninsula thread, though I have to officially register my reservations.

Terrific news. Did you see my recent post about Il Fornaio starting deliveries? A great boost to the region.

Both the “Tisn’t” and “barse” are acceptable.

i think its called the gooch

Pretty sure that’s on females.

i remember the jackass lads hurting their gooches all the time?

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There will always be work for midgets and Dwarfs, They seem to be the only people who are recession proof. They’ll be doing porn or comedy TV. Picked to do the door on parties with wings on their backs and if all else fails they handcuff themselves to stags for a tidy sum every Saturday night.

Yes. Yes I did Rocko. However I have always been a collection rather than a delivery type of guy when it comes to take out/take away so I didn’t pay the news much heed.