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Guinness used to make Budweiser concentrate in Cherry’s Brewery in no Waterford before they took all the production back to Dublin. That brewery is now the Waterford Whisky distillery.

Another Internet victory for @glenshane

Whiskey now in the the old GNR brewery in dundalk as well. Harp production went to Dublin.

Jayzus lads. Does anyone make anything anywhere anymore?

They dilute stuff in Wigan.

With water from the local sewer

There’s a bit of an admit here about FES, Foreign Extra Stout, but I don’t know if it applies to all standard Guinness production.

Makes sense I suppose. But if a fruit juice is reworked from a concentrate it must clearly be labelled as such. Don’t know about alcohol. It says local alcohol beer is added to the ‘wort’ to make the final product. So the wort is only an ingredient, not the final product as in fruit juices.

Unlikely but couldn’t altogether outrule it in Toryland.

Isn’t it great that Guinness found an underground stream of clear crystal water coming from the Wicklow mountains that just happened to resurface 50 yards from the Liffey?

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FWIW, Pepsi make product in Cork and it’s a thick syrup that’s exported out across the world where they add the carbonated water to make their shelf products. Not a stretch that the same happens for alcohol.

All water used for brewing is sterilised anyway so it’s all the wan where it comes from.

Coca Cola Bottlers in most countries. Separate company to Coca Cola. They buy the concentrate from Coca Cola and dilute it/bottle it


Different mineral content etc. Can taste and react differently.

This thread is about people Flatty knows not what goes on in Wigan. Wigan ffs….

fairly sure that there’s a concentrate that goes to park royal in london and they then add the water to make the guinness. IIRC, the only site that brews guinness, in the traditional sense, outside ireland is in nigeria

The Guinness Hop-House tour seems to indicate otherwise.

They can indicate away

Park Royal is closed afaik. It must all go to Wigan now. The interweb is remarkably scant in detail. It’s almost like Guinness don’t want anyone to know whether this is the case or not.

Exactly. Hence I’ve fallen out of love with mainland Guinness.