People who have been mugged off. Good and proper like mickee321


The finish for the 3rd is something else.


Messi now has 61 international goals. For a South American player that’s unbelievable. No wonder the Argentina fans love him


:laughing: Most of their team is fucking shit


No, it’s not. It’s crammed with world class talent. A miserly defence that doesn’t cough up many goals and some of the best attacking talent in the world.


Mercado, Acuna, Salvio, Perez and Benedetto are all shit at this level and started last night


Acuna is a very good player.

Mercado is part of a very miserly defence.

The other players may not be world beaters but you can look at pretty much any international side and it will always have water carriers.


They don’t concede many goals because most teams don’t attack against them at all. The defence looked all over the place against Ecuador because they actually attacked against them


They don’t score that many goals either.


A terrible left back though

Mercado is fucking terrible


Yes that’s because teams just defend really deep against them and don’t bother attacking. When they are let play they’ll score goals


Small teams if they have any will to win won’t let the opposition’s best players play. That is where a great player will come to the fore, too many times Messi is contained and it’s not the sign of a great player.


The sign of a great player is doing it when your team need you most, like last night


Lionel Messi has just finished joint second highest goalscorer with 7 goals in only 10 games. The top goalscorer Edison Cavani amassed his haul of 10 goals in 15 games. If Messi hadn’t missed nearly half the games, undoubtedly the goal tally would have been a lot higher for Argentina. Messi is prolific at international level. 61 international goals he’s scored for Argentina according to @the_man_himself.


What about the World Cup and Copa America latter stages where he has disappeared in?


He scored from play in 3 of 10 games - the hattrick last night was an anomaly.


40 career hattricks, a hattrick is hardly an anomaly


Scoring for his country from open play in crunch games is.


The hattrick last night was clutch.


Will you place that photo in the appropriate thread art


It was but it was also an anomaly as far as his big performances for his country go.