People who have been mugged off. Good and proper like mickee321


Portugal have a better team than Argentina. Better keeper, better defence, better centre midfield, more balanced attacking options


As I was saying he’s being rated higher based on a game he made no impact in other than giving his team a better chance by getting injured


That is absolute nonsense.

Portugal have nowhere near the level of talent available to them that Argentina.

Some misfit from Swansea scored the goal that won the trophy last year.

Argentina have a team crammed with world class talents, Messi just likes to instruct his manager not to pick some of them because they get in his way.


Didn’t Higuian miss a sitter to win the last world cup water Messi put it on a plate for him


Who are these World class talents they have? Portugal have a much better balanced team these days


@Nembo_Kid at his absolute best here, giving some an awful chasing, the very best debater


A tournament.


if Messi was so good, Argentina would not have been in that position in the first place last night


Di Maria

They are crammed with players who can’t even make the squad who are playing for the top teams in Europe.

Portugal have some nice players coming on the scene now but even the likes of Bernardo Silva weren’t in the squad when they won the European Championships.


Messi has failed to score in over 600 minutes of knockout World Cup football.

Not a great.


There’s 4 strikers in that list along with Messi, how would you go about fitting all of them into a team? Mascherano is past his best and Di Maria is inconsistent as fuck. Portugal are much better balanced


@Nembo_Kid have you a definitive definition of what makes a player a ‘great’?

Something scaleable and definite?

I’m not arguing with you, I just think it would greatly help everyone if you put it on the record.


No they’re not.

Portugal are a bit like Argetina in that they are solid and tough to break down but in attack Portugal only really have Ronaldo, the best he’s had up there with him through the majority of his Portugal career have been Quaresma, Nani, Postiga, Almeida, Eder and Simao - all journeymen footballer.

Messi has had some of the best attacking football on the planet playing with him and failed to produce.


Can someone confirm if Messi did it v the Bolivians reserves ?


To be a true great you must have delivered for your country, relative to who your country is.

Eg. Shevchenko was a great in that he did the business for Ukraine.
Giggs was not a great as he did not do the business for Wales.


And what constitutes having ‘delivered for your country’?


Living up to expectations and performing when the pressure is on and doing it consistently.


You’re conveniently leaving this open to interpretation.

By your definition I presume that Zlatan would not be considered a great. Never really had an influence at a major finals for his side and never won a Champions League.

Would that be correct?


Sweden are not a traditional superpower.

Zlatan most definitely was pivotal to Sweden, he’s one of the European Championship’s All Time Leading scorers.


Cat got your tongue, @the_man_himself?