People who have been mugged off. Good and proper like mickee321


Zlatan did a Roy Keane on it and refused to play for Sweden


So did Messi.


That will change next summer mate


How many games did Messi miss?


I’m sure there might be an anomaly, then again there may not.


Giving yourself a dart ffs :laughing:


Neither Roy Keane or Messi refused to play for Sweden.

cc @the_man_himself, @Nembo_Kid.


The same amount as Messi I imagine.


Would this be the same Ronaldo who filled the togs so badly he had a seizure before the wc final?


That would be the same Ronaldo who has 8 goals in 10 World Cup knockout games and bagged a brace in a World Cup final. He has his winners medal tucked away somewhere.


Shall I take that as a yes?


That he delivered a World Cup to his country?

You can.



Yeah he’s level with other great like Rooney and Nuno Gomes after playing one tournament more than them.

Pivotal my bollocks.

Six goals across four tournaments.
2004 Scored a penalty in a 5-0 drubbing of Bulgaria. one goal against Italy to get a draw. Missed a penalty in the shoot out v the Netherlands in the quarter.

Sweden qualified for Euro 2008 after two years of not Zlatan scoring for the side his scored v Greece and one against Spain in a 2-1 loss. Sweden failed to make the knock out stages.

2012 Scored in a 2-1 loss to the Ukraine, 1 against France Sweden finished bottom of the group after losing all three games.

  1. Failed to score as Sweden finished bottom of the group.




Tell me how many tournaments Sweden qualified for before Zlatan.


They qualified for nine tournaments before he came along.

They came 3rd the World Cup in 1994 buddy.

Also qualified for the World Cup in 1934, 1938, 1958, 1970, 1974, 1978 and 1990.

In The European Championships they reached the semi finals as host in 1992 and qualified in 2000.


He’s not the messiah


Just stop.


I’m trying to point out the inconsistencies in nembos arguments. I love the way an ex mediocre club level bogballer (if that) feels he has the definitive say on who is or isn’t a great footballer, and the criteria used to judge it, but I shouldn’t have bothered.
He suggests that Messi chokes on big occasions, which is notable horse dung even by his usual standards. I was merely pointing out that Ronaldo is not above criticism either, by these exalted standards (I think they are all great players, but then I think Henrik laarson is one of the greatest to play the game, so what would I know?)
I shouldn’t bother I know. I’d be better off playing myself at noughts and crosses.