People who have been mugged off. Good and proper like mickee321


It’s pure insanity and reflects very badly on the knowledge of the person making the claim,


I think it’s very reasonable and based in sound logic.


Good to see you correct your mistaken previous assertion that the final was decided by a lottery system.


The logic being that one of them is Italian wasted his entire career at a club you like? You’re ferociously insular


Calling me insular is a false equivalency.

The logic is one of them was a midfielder who won a World Cup with Italy and sacrificed himself for the team.

The other one is a diva attacker who continues to falter at the big stage of tournaments.


You’re insularity is the only thing that could possibly allow you to hold those views, Totti was a good player but never in his career would he have been selected in a genuine world 11, Messi may be the best player ever to play the game.
You’re crazy, I’m not continuing.


A lot of people would have Totti in their World XI.

He’s definitely one of the greats and has his WC medal in his back pocket.


Penalty shoot out is a lottery system. If it finishes level within the prescribed playing time, either have a replay or call it a draw like they do in test cricket.


Sure there is mate, sure most of them post here,


Not just here mate.

You are intolerant to sensible discussion.


You given him some leeway by going on about Totti.

Zlatan is a more worthy comparison, he’s never even scored in a win against a decent side in major tournament qualification.


Odd rationale.


Never change mate.


You haven’t dealt any of the 7 factual statements that I made. You went off on a tangent waffling about a Totti sending off in 2002, an injury that Totti had, name checked members of Italy World Cup squads in 2002 and 2006 and finally talked about Totti retirement plans. I didn’t raise any of those issues. I’ll ask you again. Point out the factual inaccuracies in the seven factual statements that I made in my initial post.

  1. Totti scored 250 Serie A goals.

  2. Totti is the second all time highest goal scorer in Serie A

  3. Totti started 11 World Cup final games

  4. Totti played roughly about 900 minutes in those 11 games

  5. Totti didn’t score from open play in any of those 11 games.

  6. Totti scored one goal from a penalty against Australia in those 11 games

  7. The 2006 World Cup final went to a penalty shoot out.


Zlatan a great ?

ROFL. how many teams won the CL the year after he left?



You’ve used the same stick to beat Messi with.

There are no pivotal performances from Zlatan in a game that Sweden won in a qualifying match against a top footballing nation.


I said you had lots of factual inaccuracies there Geoff, you still do. Oddly enough you expect a midfielder to score prolifically at a World Cup, Totti’s role was to create chances with Italy not score them.

Presumably you’ll be scathing of Dele Alli for England or will you once again contradict yourself.


Nobody is scathing of anybody here except your good self, I think we all agree that Totti was a decent player, probably would have achieved more had he not been insular like yourself and frightened to test himself in a top league,
Messi is an all time great, minimum top 5 and you give him no credit, it makes you look like a terrible terrible terrible judge of a football player


You seem to be making statements you cant qualify:

I think some people will say he was a lot greater than decent, I think some people will say he was a great and a greater player than Messi. It’s not a case that he was frightened, he was a faithful and humble guy who wanted to give back to the city he grew up in.

Where’s his World Cup?

Where’s his World Cup?

Great players who play for traditional super powers need to be winning World Cups as a minimum to be considered a great. Messi hasn’t even managed a Copa America. Not only does he not win major international trophies, he actually goes missing in the business ends of these tournaments, consistently.


Glad to see @nembo_kid break from tradition and post during work hours. I hope he had the day off from work today and wasn’t robbing from his employer.