People who have been mugged off. Good and proper like mickee321


You’re bringing a young kids seizure into something to win an argument on the internet. Just stop, its unseemly, even for here.


A shame most of the guys Zlatan played with were journeymen. The only other truly world class operator he played with was Larsson. He did well to qualify Sweden to a few tournaments later on in his career, there was a brilliant playoff for the 2014 World Cup where Ronaldo and Zlatan both went at it over two legs as Portugal progressed.


Not horse dung.

He has failed to score a goal in knockout football at a World Cup in over 600 minutes, this is a guy who is meant to be best in the world.

His record in the Copa America is a bit better. 4 in 1,120 minutes, the much maligned Higuain has 6 in about half that time in Copa America knockout games.

It does not make logical reading for a guy who is meant to be the best in the world.


Ah here. You’ve lowered the blade in much worse fashion on here in the past.




Oh wait…


There’s an oul nerve touched.


Read it in conjunction with the following post old friend.


Presumably using your criteria, Francesco Totti cannot be considered a great. Second all time highest goal scorer in Serie A with 250 goals but in World Cup Finals, in 11 starts (totalling around 900 minutes of action), he never scored a goal from open play. Totti’s solitary World Cup goal was a penalty against the might of Australia. Luckily for an under performing Totti, he played for a traditional superpower and had teammates around him to get him a World Cup winners medal (albeit with the asterix after it of the lottery system in a drawn final).


OOOOOOooooooft. Italy cheated to get that peno as well if I remember rightly…


Totti a great :rofl:
I thought that was just a TFK joke


As no-one actually knows what went on, and my argument was somewhat tongue in cheek, and he wasn’t a “young kid”, and, indeed, his own medical team found him well enough to play, suggesting a panic attack rather than anything sinister, and furthermore, he has no subsequent history of epilepsy, which would tend to support an non serious, non life threatening event, you can Fro on this one.
Keith deller was only 19.


A lot of factual inaccuracies there Geoff.

Totti was a midfielder for Italy.

In 2006, there were 5 strikers selected - Iaquinta, Gilardino, Toni, Inzaghi, Del Piero.

In 2002 there were 5 strikers selected - Vieri, Montella, , Inzaghi, Delvecchio, Del Piero

In 2006 he played 286 minutes of knockout football and created 2 goals enroute to winning the final, this after returning from a broken ankle he suffered in February that he was told would rule him out of the competition.

In 2002 assisted the opener for Vieri before being incorrectly sent off.

In total he played 389 minutes of knockout World Cup football for Italy creating 3 goals and converting one penalty. He got his World Cup.

Totti retired from international football in 2006. It was only in his latter years he played further up the pitch. The first season he played in attack was the 06-07 season where injuries to all the strikers forced Spalletti to create the role of false 9. This all happened after Totti’s retirement from international football. 121 goals of Totti’s haul of 250 Serie A goals actually came in his 30s much due to his new role.



Grosso was fouled.

The big travesty in that game was the ridiculous decision to send off Materazzi.


Ah Lord :smiley: this is classic stuff, is there somebody here suggesting that Totti was a better player than Messi, or better in big games or anything at all,
That’s a belter :smile:


You’ve already said that this hinder Shevcenko for Ukraine. Make up your mind.

He didn’t score a goal in the two years running up to Euro 2008.

His goals in games that Sweden won in the European Championships qulaification over the years have come against such mighty footballing nations as:

  • Moldova
  • Liechtenstein
  • Montenegro
  • Finland
  • San Marino
  • England

If you want to expand it to World Cup qualifying wins it reads as follows:

  • Azerbaijan
  • Malta
  • Bulgaria
  • Hungary
  • Iceland
  • Faroe Islands
  • Kazakhstan
  • Austria

Not a decent team among them.


You don’t have to justify yourself to that bottom feeder mate, he’s taking one armed waiterism to new lows.


Point out the factual inaccuracies for me so. I essentially made seven factual statements in my post. I’ve even gone to the bother of itemising all seven of those factual statements for you.

  1. Totti scored 250 Serie A goals.

  2. Totti is the second all time highest goal scorer in Serie A

  3. Totti started 11 World Cup final games

  4. Totti played roughly about 900 minutes in those 11 games

  5. Totti didn’t score from open play in any of those 11 games.

  6. Totti scored one goal from a penalty against Australia in those 11 games

  7. The 2006 World Cup final went to a penalty shoot out.


It’s not a suggestion.


I pointed out the factual inaccuracies.

Totti was a midfielder. He only began to play in attack after he retired from international football. He never played in attack for Italy.