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The Totti post above is quite fair by Nembo. He is acknowledging that Totti was little more than a cog in the excellent wheel of that Italy team, not actually needed to score goals which is the most difficult thing in the game. Totti was sacrificed after just 61 minutes of the World Cup Final which again shows that he was fairly unimportant in the grand scheme of things


With all due respect mate, I don’t think you are a regular watcher of the MLS

Surely if that was the case Ronaldo would score way more goals than Messi though?


Totti was being treated sparingly. He was told in February he probably wouldn’t make the World Cup after a bad ankle break. He played 80 minutes for Roma in 5 months before the World Cup.

As any of his old team mates will tell you, Totti is a very humble guy, he wouldn’t be putting his manager over a barrell telling him where to play him and which players to drop and who to play.


Not really.

Barcelona play tiki taki football where they pass, move and cut through teams. Messi is a busier player than Ronaldo.

Ronaldo is a more dynamic player and a more natural finisher.


Did himself and Spalletti not have a falling out over such things?


What’s the criteria for best finisher?

I would consider the likes of Falcao and Luis Suarez as better “natural finishers” than both Messi and Ronaldo in terms of ability to finish chances.

Ronaldo and Messi are far better players overall though.

Luca Modric is a better passer than Messi IMHO too, Messi is a better all round player though


There are two very different types of passers I suppose thinking about it. Modric, Pirlo, Kroos for example are great passers but they are players who don’t necessarily create chances with their passes. Messi on the other hand is and I think he’s the best in the world at that particular skill. Ozil would be another example of the second type


Messi creates chances with his passing because he plays closer to goal.

At the end of the day, it’s easier to complete a pass if it’s a 10 yard pass.


Jimmy Greaves is the criteria for best finisher.


But there is generally a lot more players in the way in those scenarios as well and tighter space to get the ball through


Jimmy Greaves is infirmed.


It’s still easier to get a 10 yard pass through than it is to get a 60/70 yard one, not to mention doing it first time when it’s on.

If you ask me, passing is a skill that’s probably not as good as it was. Now it’s all about short keep ball passing, it’s all about zippy passes and constant movement. The great players who had a complete range of passing are no longer as important.


I’ll take ‘What is the problem with the Ulster Football Championship’ for 10 points please Bob.


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