People who have been mugged off. Good and proper like mickee321


Darragh O’Seó-sé-kerry-can-advance-and-pose-a-real-threat-to-dublin-1.3582275?mode=amp&__twitter_impression=true


“ My sense of it is people down here have latched onto the fact that if Monaghan couldn’t put Kerry away at home, when they were the better team on the day, then they probably aren’t going to be good enough to beat Galway away. “

“ The Monaghan team I saw in Clones played a fine game but it was maybe not just the fantastic performance everyone made it out to be. I don’t think they will get away with relying on Rory Beggan at one end and Conor McManus at the other, the way they did against Kerry. “

“ I keep hearing about Conor McCarthy and Jack McCarron and these lads but I haven’t seen them go out and win a championship game for Monaghan when the fat is in the fire. It’s all grand and fine running up big scores against Division Four teams in the qualifiers. This is big boy stuff now. “


Those O’Se brothers are really beginning to get on my wick. Hardly opened their gobs in their playing days but they are lauded as the oracle these days with their insights.

Most Kerry folk I’ve ever met are fairly sound but their pundits in the media do them no favours with all their mouthing.

Glad to see them dumped out yesterday and taken down a peg or two.


Aren’t you advocating something approaching a media ban for limerick players, these fellas competed for All Ireland titles every year they played, couldn’t you hold them up as an example rather than using it as a stick to beat them?


The O Se brothers are also perfectly entitled to their opinion considering all they have won.




Just the 16 All Ireland medals for the three brothers to go with the 8 won by Uncle Paidi. What would they know about gaelic footbal.


Have you managed to figure out the difference between Saturday and Sunday yet?


@Cicero_Dandi has just been mugged off spectacularly by Jim McGuinness. Rope -a-doped him superbly using a national newspaper. Quality.


Another re-brand is imminent.



i have written a letter to both individuals in which i apologized unreservedly


Liam Cahill







Indeed, wrong thread though, nobody’s been mugged off here


Some art expert was interviewed about this and reckoned the piece was actually worth even more shredded as it was now the piece involved in this stunt. There are some simple fools out there only too willing to be parted from their money


Surely it’s all a cod. Sure there’d need to be a power source of some sort wired into it wouldn’t there?