People who have been mugged off. Good and proper like mickee321

No wonder he has alopecia.

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Somebody definitely had it in for poor James.

Robert Eisinger. I’ve misjudged Fauci, he’s clearly a baller


Mugged off


Did she not get the flights cheaper? Or am I reading it wrong?

JT mugs off that clown Baddiel

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How did he mug him off exactly?

He was fucking Baddiel’s wife at the time he wrote the message.

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That’ll do it alright. And then using his yamaka to wipe his cock


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Drove into Tesco at 10.30 to buy a bottle of wine for the dinner to find that Sunday off licence hours apply.


Surprised at a crafty oul’ codger like yourself making such an amateurish blunder.
Had you nothing in the cellar?


Cc @myboyblue etc


Ah lovely :joy:

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Me - again.

UPMC Nowlan Park. Buy a programme. €4 instead of the €3 it has been at the other league games (@Malarkey doesnt come cheap). Then get to my seat and the announcer spends about 5 minutes reading out the changes to the Kilkenny line out. I think about 8 changes in all. 6, 7 and 9 as listed on the programme aren’t in the match day panel at all and three fellas who aren’t listed in the match day panel and whose names I can’t catch (such is the din from the three year old behind me) get their numbers.


Not good, I freely admit. The waywardness of GAA programme listings is a hot topic.

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Davy had Bennett at 15 last week, whilst Dunford was 20 something even though Bennett was down as 14, and Dunford was down as 15.

There’s no rule that you’ve to have the right team for the programme. It’s whatever is sent in on the Thursday morning to Croke Park. Panels for programmes are normally requested the Monday before. Only a couple of years ago you didn’t need to submit your panel until an hour before hand for a league game. However I don’t think that’s the case now. @Plastic_Paddy may be able to clarify

League is different to championship. You can put the teamsheet in for league 40 minutes before the match however you’d be asked to send in for programme on Wednesday/Thursday it means nothing. Championship you have to send in by 9am Thursday to Croke park and that 26 can’t change. You can change who starts.

Will panel numbers ever become a thing I wonder?