People who have lost or gained a serious amount of Weight

A thread to log instances of dramatic weight increase or loss.

Tom Kerridge : TV Chef



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@Bandage, formerly @BANDAG3_FAT_BASTARD


Prince Naseem Hamed

Andy Fordham, and back again.

He used to say his body was a temple,looks more like pyramid now

Jennifer Ellison

Ah fuck


Jesus, she has ballooned out.

Wasn’t Gerrard pumping her in his younger days.

Home economics > Physics

Shame, she was unreal in her day.

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That’s very sad to see.

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Kelly Clarkson and Jessica Simpson fairly ballooned in weight too. Not sure if either are still porkers now though

Having kids can be a momentum shifter for a certain type of woman

Clarkson is about 20 stone she’s unrecognisable

Simpson has turned it around, the baps are still huge mind. Clarkson has given up.

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Ah her fella must be sick as a parrot.

I remember she had a fitness video out as well. Obviously it didn’t work. :grin:

That’s just fucking wrong.