People who have lost or gained a serious amount of Weight

Alison Spittle, Danny deVito, pre-fenners @Bandage, that cholesterol brother who may be @Biff_Egan, ricky hatton, me… loads of sound cunts have this issue.


I couldn’t put on weight even when they were trying to bulk me up when i was in my 20s. When i couldn’t train anymore in my middle 30s because of an injury i stayed eating the same way and i put on an amount of timber. I was never worried cause it usually falls off me. Im back training now and its not shifting as quick


Your lack of height doesn’t help you either…

Alright hightower

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Rooney is still sour Ronaldo mugged him off at the Euros that time

The sit down on the dynamic between the 2 will be cool.

Its cool because Rooney was ‘The Man’ and the greatest 18yo there ever was at Euro 2004.


Roberto Carlos is like a Brazilian Joe Pesci at this stage

Just appeared in the crowd there on RTE.