People who have lost or gained a serious amount of Weight

He can’t complain if the Ratoath Inn regulars throw pigs heads at him Saturday evening

I suppose its healthy compared to past vices

Andrei Kanchelskis

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How common are those ops? You’d imagine if done proactively would massively reduce the cost of dealing with obesity related illnesses later in life

Very common. Loads of lassies go off to Turkey to get them done on the cheap. There was one hair raising tale of a lady who nearly bled to death after one on Liveline one day.
You have to change the way you eat completely and drink. You fill up very quickly and can puke it all back up. You have to change the way you drink as well. You don’t have the same metabolism


Black bomber slimming tablets are the way loose weight if you are carrying extra timber, good buzz off them too


Would you not be hyperactive from them?

Take them in the morning


I’m interested, tell me more…. How long do you take them for?

Anti diabetic drug is the latest weight loss craze in America. It works too.

I’d imagine it’s much healthier to lose weight the natural way through exercise and a good diet. Some people have an underactive thyroid I suppose but still it can’t be the best solution to undergo surgery like that tummy tuck.

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Wegovy. The next blockbuster drug.

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Saxenda is already licensed here. Wegovy on the way. Covered by the state if you’re obese enough

They are not good for the body though. They feck up the metabolism. Cause loads of side effects and other problems. Doctors are very reluctant to prescribe them.

“…and you may lose weight “

not known to many really, but on comms here for the AFL game.

Daisy Thomas, once of Collingwood and Carlton, now age 35


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He looks older in the first pic in his playing days! If I’m not mistaken, AFL players usually finish up younger than say, e.g. soccer/football players?

yeah probably, its a shorter window for sure, they dont start professionally as early (usually finishing out school and turning 18 before being drafted) and with it being a physical game, it takes a bit longer to establish on a team and then with the constant rotation of players through the draft, many will retire or be dropped early enough. Being a more physically demanding game with hits and knocks, is going to bring down the retirement age alright in comparison to association football.