Petition for Noel King to be given the Ireland manager job on a permanent basis




That’s this petition fucked


Fuck him. Fuck Dunphy, Giles and Sadlier too, spoofing cunts the lot of them.

would love to see Howie King involved as well

Mick McCarthy is my preference but the First Noel would be my second choice.

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Sure why not? Irish soccer is going down the drain. We might as well get King in and play our home games in Tallaght.

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Football in Ireland is on the verge of something amazing and Mr King can deliver us greatness

Yeah, what the hell.

Signing in.

@Bandage , when will you be submitting the forum’s petition to the FAI?

Is the ladies position vacant?

Noel King is the Michael Scully Ryan of international management.

It’d be a bit of craic anyway.

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To be honest he strikes me as one of the lads who’d look after the big wheel in a carnival. Always fucking smirking…

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How many points did Noel get in his leaving cert?

He couldn’t even manage the Hoops properly in the early to mid 90s. I would sign in to back Martin King before Noel.

This is a shamefully patronizing thread