Petition to get Totti/Rudi/Bomber back on board



In. If only for the sole purpose of having Italian representation on the board.


@The Selfish Giant is Italian you pleb.

In. I just fear his honourable nature will be too great an obstacle.

If we hit a magical number here -i’ll let @jimmy29[/USER] call it- I think [USER=273]@caoimhaoin should leave the board and take his Cork awl guff with him.


Come back mate.


What honour is there in turning his back on the men that love him? Like Totti himself, he won’t let us down.

In, having just five posters, three of whom are roasters, does not make a good discussion board

The beans would be well blown if he turned his back on you I’d say :smiley:


would love the border hermaphrodite back amongst us but its not our choice…he entered an agreement…only one man can pardon him…

Is that what you’d say, is it? That’s gas altogether- you’re mad you are. Laughing at your own witty little one liner too- A right header i’d say you are.

I haven’t been following this one. Where’s he gone?

You were far more entertaining when you were a mime artist getting your index finger stuck in your zip you gombean cunt

Didn’t Kev promise to resign from the board if Tyrone beat Mayo; how did he weasel outta that one?

kev and him , in the course of an argument, decided whoever lost between cork and Tyrone in league would leave the forum…a fookin league match in march…