Phil Hogan - We'll miss him now he's gone

Given there may be loads more fallout from this it deserves its own thread.

Post your outrage, guesses for next resignation etc, here


Answer the question @Fulvio_From_Aughnacloy


Hogan the thick bastard’ will stick it out,as for the rest they are in no danger of losing -token slap on the wrist doled out already- 2 resignations/ dismissals,hope more will follow ( doubt it)

I knew you would be the driver of this art

I’m not big on everything being a resigning matter and I think that going to a golf function isn’t the worst sin in the world.

However, modern politicians have made a rod for their own back with their pontificating on twitter and the likes. If you’re happy to call what happened in Berlin bar “scandalous” and a “kick in the teeth for front line workers”, you really don’t have a leg to stand on if you attend a golf function ONE DAY after the new restrictions are announced


Gabriel scally :clap:

Golf dinner reaction: Attendees should leave public life, says Gabriel Scally


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The judge will be next.

Had any of the golf crowd been pontificating about the Berlin thing? That’s more in the way of shiny new puritan lads like Simon


No they haven’t in fairness (to the best of my knowledge, I don’t really use Twitter). Mine was more a general point about the way politics is going. MM referenced the “disgraceful scenes” at his briefing the other night.

UUCOAW Terry Prone asserted on the radio this morning that politicians should use podcasts as a means to get their facts and points across and to sidestep conventional journalism because if they dont answer the question and the journalist continues to probe it could expose them. She said the podcast may have a smaller audience but is a safer bet. She also lamented the influence of social media. Instead of people reading the article first and making up their minds, they are reading the minds of people first and see the outrage which is another occupational hazard for politicians and leads to a pile on.

As has been said, most of this crew were seasoned trough-guzzlers. Probably not their first infringement of lockdown either.

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The Swamp is well and truly getting drained today. Inevitably more stories of restriction breaches will surface.

They could teach classes in it

Her hear Conor. Conor for Taoiseach


All these apologies and resignations do nothing for the common man who just wants to see his club team play or go for a few pints at the weekend.

It’s just another in a long list of distractions away from the fact this “new normal” is unsustainable, impractical and quite frankly a load of bollox


You’d swear he was immune to poor decision making and major controversies himself!

One of the independent TDs who attended reportedly played golf in Spain last week