Philip Jordan mugs off Nembo Kid

Colm Cooper > Peter Canavan according to one of his own.


Ooooofffftttt @Nembo_Kid he’s mugged you right off mate

Cat got you tongue @Nembo_Kid ?

I don’t know but Philly Jordan has him in a clamp anyway


@Nembo_Kid is rapidly scrambling to find information to discredit Philip Jordan as a person


He’s entitled to his opinion.

He’s wrong though.

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I’ll take Philip Jordan’s opinion over yours any day.

Has Philip got one of those Bob Ratchford yokes?

I’ll take mine over Jordan’s any day.

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I have a passing interest in football - will watch the bigger games etc. - But can you tell me why he is widely regarded as one of the all time greats by many and why you disagree? I personally detest the gremlin lookalike but what are the football reasons for not rating him?

Mugged you right off

Failing in big games when up against. Brolly has covered the reasons very well in the past.

He’s won the lot has he not? That’s can’t all be on the back of other players?

He’s got no All Ireland Minor Medal. He can shove that up his bollicks.


I don’t think he was even the best player on the Kerry sides he played in.

Nembo feels that he never performed against Ulster sides, particularly Tyrone. Strangely Jordan who played in those matches said he had a massive influence on the games.

So it’s the word of a casual observer versus a direct opponent on the field? - I only saw him play twice and once he got a Limerick man sent off in the GG and i’ve never forgiven him - I’m with @Nembo_Kid

We can’t even be certain @Nembo_Kid was an observer TBF.

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