Planning applications

The greed already screwed us but now it’s beyond the beyonds.



How are you today amby? You feeling good now you got that out of your system last night?

Feeling great. Bit guilty now that ProjectX is getting the boot, but it’s the will of the people.

Glad to hear it.

Indeed. If mugs want to part with their money then why shouldn’t we benefit from it?

I’ll be picking your brains shortly my good man. Used to work in this area 10+ years ago, but will be revisiting that old avenue of pleasure soon for my own personal development.

Head them off at the pass. They’ll be seeing if your septic tank complies with the code of practice. Make sure it does. Nod nod, wink wink.

I did that. Got an engineer to include a report with the planning application stating that it did. I was advised to provide them with the answers before they asked the questions, because if they come to you with the questions first they can be far more onerous.

So long as he addresses the potential additional capacity requirement (from extra bedrooms) for the tank and the percolation area, you should be ok. If it’s Limerick you’re in, I have witnessed some of the craziest shit ever from the Council Environmental section, so be prepared.

Well that was a disaster. Utter cunt of a woman. Architect was fit to throw the head in her.

That would be an ecumenical matter.

Would a brown paper envelope be of any use?

It’s Ireland. Of course it is

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Not this one. A few hundred quid to one of the Dundons though…

Was this in Limerick or Galway?



After the referendum last year and all…

Might have been the 10 metre outdoor hot tub that broke it.

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