***Platini Statement***

LONDON (Reuters) - National teams and others must stop cheating and new regulations will be drawn up to regulate team cheating, UEFA president Michael Platini said Today.

In an explosive press release Platini has said a UEFA committee would meet next week to begin devising new rules to protect the welfare of World Soccer.

“The World Cup is months away and we have to regulate the situation,” he said. “The idea is not to kill the game but to help them have better balance. The philosophy to participate in our competitions is you must not move outside the rules on purpose”

“We will discuss the French/Irish situation in our meeting next week and I will also be making a personal representation to Mr Blatter, in the interests of fair play. I would not rule anything out”

Thinly veiled “I am a spineless cunt but could thread a pass through the eye of a needle in my playing days” statement from Michel there.

= Cunt.

Souldressing warned Flano and I about this not alright sort over a few handy pints of Erdinger back in July, we never listened.

Replay not ruled out yet lads,this could get very interesting.

Put some anti freeze in the wine there.

there’ll be no replay. if they were to start at that craic sure every game would be reviewable.



Would be some craic if they let Ireland into the World Cup on the basis of fair play, or let us play off against one of the African or Asian teams, all in the interests of fair play of course.

I want New Zealand.

:smiley: Fook those poor loser countries.

Who exactly made the decision to seed the playoffs? What happened last night was rough but it does happen. The organising body changing the rules mid-stream to help the stronger sides is the real disgrace. Given what Platini has stood for in the past I’d have expected him to be outraged at that decision above all else.

http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2009/nov/19/thierry-henry-fifa-rematch-ireland-france[/quote]You TFKs answer to Dubliner2,no doubt about it.


By the statement he made saying that the France / ireland situation will be discussed at a meeting “next week” he is in fact hoping that all the emotion surrounding this current situation will subside.
Id also bet that next week’s meeting will be “postponed” for another 4-5 days where then a statement will be published outlining FIFA’s committment to fair play with a few corrective action items like increased bans, etc…
i wouldnt rule out an official apology from Thierry H also.
This then will be the last we will ever hear of this quibble ( that is all it is in FIFA’s eyes).

Having a meeting “next week” is a classic move in a situation like this, Platini may be a spineless cunt but he is also a smart one, His goal has been achieved, France are in the WC, his next move now is to show he is committed to fair play, he will do that in his own unconvincing way and football will continue…

:smiley: :eek: :clap:


Explain yourself. I was merely pointing you in the way of finding the truth.

I will fight you.

By the way, Tipper is having ye on lads…

Really? Tipptops on the wind up? I’m shocked and appalled.

Me too, but Mickee wrote a missive on it and I stopped around the 2nd line when he seemed to be taking the statement as fact. I doubt I would have made it much further regardless.

That’s the really unfair thing about it. The groups were already seeded to begin with so the bigger/better nations already had the advantage of avoiding each other from this perspective. To go and use seeding a second time wasn’t very equitable*.

  • I already used ‘fair’ in my first sentence and didn’t want to include it again.


  • I already used ‘fair’ in my first sentence and didn’t want to include it again.[/quote]

I hate it when people do that.