Plea To Forum Members - Anyone Fancy A Game Of Ball Later?

Shockingly depleted for a critical/meaningless astro league game this evening through injury, holidays, work commitments and all the rest.

Anyone on the forum fancy making their TFK debut?

It’s a 6pm kick-off, which is very early, so it’ll probably only suit slimy students, long/medium/short-term unemployed or lazy teachers and we play in Dublin, Ireland.

Please PM me if you’ve any interest and would be in a position to play. We play a pass and move style if that helps your deliberations.

I’d be interested except for the fact that I’m playing at 8 anyway, oh yeah, and it’d be a balls of a drive for me

Unfortunatley my own Astro team play on a monday also. It could have been monumental

If only you put it up earlier bandage…I have been at a loose end since 12.30…I wopuld nearly have obliged, after we agreed on expenses of course…

Dublin is a bit far for me.

I’m going to Wexford this evening. Which is kinda ironic, isn’t it.

The battle between yourself and Bandage to stand between the sticks would have been monumental

i am what you are looking for but i couldnt bother me hole

He’ll never know!

Here you bag of shit, if you’re playing at 8pm then you can also play at 6pm. You just made the cut.

My game is at 7.30 in Wesley. I would never make it. I actually would like to be part of the TFK dreamteam but not today unfortunately.

Wont be out of work at 6 I’m afraid

6 is a stupid time for a game.

Believe me Runt, I didn’t vote for Monday night or 6pm football. The clowns who did are generally the ones who pull out too, leaving pricks like me wasting my time trying to get other dicks to play so we don’t concede a walkover. Such a recurring pain in the testicles.

Take it to Talking Balls!

So the crowd that own the pitches setup a league and the only times available are shite for all concerned, strange that :slight_smile:

A couple of us wanted to play on Thursday nights in a league with 7pm and 8pm kick-offs but we were outvoted by those in the side who wanted to play on Mondays with 6pm or 7pm kick-offs depending on the week.

Thursday’s would be so much handier. I play Monday and Wednesday’s, it is very hard to motivate yourself to go anywhere on Monday’s, only thing is that it’s indoor which makes it a little bit easier

Bandage I am at nothing for the evening if ye want I can tog for ye but i have a few conditions.

  1. I want to play in the hole off the front man or as I like to call it the floating role
  2. I will not under no circumstances track back
  3. I am allowed wear all my Tipp gear

The choice is yours but i will not play unless my demands are met

You know, Shannon was only saying that he would turn out for the TFK side if the manner of the approach was decent

It’ll take some serious grovelling but his orange speckled knees are worth it Bandy. Throw in the H-Block woolie cap and you can call your team selection in.