They were in the same class in school alright

It was good at the start. Haven’t listened to it in a couple of years. They did well to get as much as they did out of it.

Like that, i listened to the first 5/6 then your wan on it got a bit too much and interrupted the men folk at work so i dumped it. They essentially did it to pay the bills during COVID so fair play for keeping it going this long.

They should just do a monthly one with the two lads in the pub talking diddy.


Oisin McConville’s mother is an absolutely remarkable woman.

She was stone cold useless in it.

The stories Hector used to come out were brilliant, especially the ones when he was on drugs in Basque country.

Big news coming later in the week, looks like Tubs is launching a podcast.

Jaysus. Its because of wankers like tubs that we have podcasts


Wasn’t there some horse botherer in the same class too and Colm o Rourke was the teacher

Filling the Hector and Tommy gap in the market

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Dylan Moran was in the same class as them I think.

Hopefully it will go in a similar way to Jamie Heaslips one


I’m surprised he didn’t go this route initially but then his demographic of stay at home mothers probably aren’t big into paying for subscription podcasts.

What has Tubridy got that he could talk about that would provide enough material for a regular podcast?

He is a man of zero substance, his entire persona is a contrivance

He would have had looked down his nose at podcast content providers in the past. How things have changed.

Unless he wants to do a warts-and-all expose of RTE and all the sordid goings on in that neighborhood, a revenge-pod if you like - he wouldn’t have much to offer.


@backinatracksuit hasn’t missed a days work in his entire career, either as tiler or teacher

Added together I’d have spent less than a third of my working life in those professions :man_shrugging:

I still haven’t a clue what you mean though

I wonder does he realise what a handy number he threw away yet?

I’d say the penny has long since dropped on that topic alright

Books mate. He owns reading.

Send similar to when Joe Kennedy (Tubs would appreciate that) knew stock crash was coming after his chat with the shoe shine boy

I calling this the beginning of the end of podcasts

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