The Second Captains had a free hurling segment this week. They always have a quirky take on proceedings. Murph went to the game with Jamie Wall.

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All the time in car or if out for a walk. I try to have one fiction and one non fiction on the go at a time

The Orphan X books are thrillers and good on audible. A page turner on audible metaphorically speaking is probably the way to go.

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Was it a sideways or an irreverent look at things?


I literally wouldn’t be able to listen to three minutes of an audiobook without losing concentration I’d say. My young lad has ADHD, it’s not off the ground etc etc

I’m on a dodgy Indian sub and they don’t have the audible option yet

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I use Audible. A book a month for a tenner. I get great value out if it.


Hurling podcasts are particularly poor.


Too many of them.

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Full of clichés.

The Skehill/Murphy one can be alright to get you through a mundane Monday afternoon but it’s very safe.

The GAAGO analysis show is grand as it doesn’t engage in any shite talk and just looks st clips/tactics. The bold bubbles is on it this week.

What you want is an hour if Ger Lough cutting the backs off lads with a few yarns from Cyril thrown in. Tom Ryan special guest every week


I’ll be honest with you, I’d never listened but I tried and be out this week and it was mind numbingly dull

It had James Skehill and Paul Murphy

They never even talked about Kyle Hayes lying on the ground to halt the Cork momentum

Some neck on Landers giving out about GAAGO and he shitting on on a podcast that is behind the paywall.


Easy get around that paywall though :slight_smile:


I read that book a few years ago, I wonder is it just as relevant now or even more so, has the Irish right caught up or even surpassed the English that we loved to sneer at?

Not even close. The Irish far right are a tiny group of ne’er do wells. The English far right is the ruling political party.