Politicians standing on the side of a road thread

Generally claiming credit for something they had nothing to do with, or “highlighting” an issue

Log instances here

@Mac Michael Darcy could have had his own thread on this.

He’s not a Politician anymore though


Here’s friend of the forum ROD with some bonus imaginary lat syndrome


Pedantic much??

Lots :smiley:

Here’s Pa Daly standing beside a dangerous intersection

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Pa could nearly have a thread of his own

Willie’s an auld pro

Dangerous right turn there on the crest of a hill

Permanently in place


A junction made even worse by the fellas trying to go straight on and squeeze past ROD at the same time.

Where exactly is the historic town centre of Stillorgan? Would it be that traffic lights surrounded by carparks for Tesco, Eddie Rockets and Lidl?

There used to be a nightclub there with a swimming pool in it.

We were a proper country then.

Ross turned into the worst kind of parish pump cunt going for all his talk about tackling cronyism etc

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Elisa would do well to heed the low bridge warnings.

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Great work Elisa. Badly needed