Portugal v ROI- WCQ 2022



ok ill start



maclean (christ)


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the x3 highlighted individuals… 2 havent kicked a ball all season and the other lad at least he is playing at Wigan
this is a bad state of affairs

Philip Quinn’s new crusade is Darren Randolph, 3rd choice at West Ham plus Newcastle sub Ciaran Clark.

Guardiaola wouldnt do a job with this bunch but lets blame Kenny.

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Options in midfield are poor. Hendrick hasn’t played either and McCarthy and Brady aren’t in the squad.

ah nobody in their right mind would blame kenny.
but his pre match presser today and the long pauses just are a momentary source of merriement

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Plenty on here blame Kenny.

ah yeah they are as bad as they every have been
Hendrick and McCarthy are ghosts and Brady aint far behind
knight , brown and Ogbene are losses now

yeah we’ve been thru that before - a lot is merely jest at the charicature that he has created of himself- anybody who genuinely blames him is just ill very informed but there you go…

Of course he wouldn’t, that spoofer has only achieved success with ready made world class squads and infinite finances and even at that he was a failure in Germany.

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Kenny lost to Luxembourg at home. I think he has to take some blame for that result.


Best we can hope for is to park the bus. They may forget about expansive football tomorrow or we will be absolutely shredded


ok ok ok
can we cut we this ping pong kenny this , kenny that nonsense and focus on the game

tomorrow we are going 352 so clearly and per his comments today we are not playing for a 0-0
i dont think this will be a 7-0 or anything but … am i being too hopeful?

he wont tho @Julio_Geordio
much as i admire his faith in playing the game - we could be filletted

If we try to play tomorrow we are fucked. Portugal are on a different level to us altogether


‘Portugal have too much quality to sit back for 90 minutes, it’s not workable’ 'Portugal have too much quality to sit back for 90 minutes, it’s not workable'

Portugal are soft as shit we will kick them around the pitch and and come away with a nil all.

Portugal -3 it is

David Connolly - are we entering the endgame here?
what about that lad at Soton - Hussenhattel hates him… are these boys done before they even got going?
oh yeah Obafemi