Post a picture of your mud hut. And your trainers



Thank you, Turenne.

Just to avoid any potential confusion or bickering, The Link Walsh shall be adjudicating on this thread.


too many muldoons on this forum for this thread to work

I find Adidas a very efficient, no effective, brand when it comes to trainers.

After Dinner I Did A Shit here as well.

I cut off the bit of leather on the heel.

Oh and Bandage since when were you English? It’s runners.

Runners? What the fuck, Farmer?

Brits out.

ridiculous looking yokes Fran

Its tackies kid !!!

Vintage adidas… with leg shot thrown in

Vans… pretty common, but they are so comfortable.

Thank you Farmer and Fran. It would also be useful if people could give a little background on why they chose the trainers pictured, their experience of them post purchase and so on. Getting back to the trainers/runners debate, I’ve been known to use both terms. However, it’s key to know your audience and I’m fairly certain that a ‘post a picture of your runners’ thread would have prompted images of John Treacy and the likes to have been posted.

They’re known as gutties in Scotland by the way.

ChocolateMice buddy, the first pair are a proper pair of runners, the second pair are ridiculous. No offence buddy.

If only the unsurpassable Soul Dressing was here we’d be locking this thread straight after his imperious submission.

I own these. The shoes I purchased were acquired in Beijing, China for the sum of 5 euro or thereabouts. They’re not quite the full version pictured below - the sole in my version is made out of a substance thinner than paper. They’re great for walking in because you get to feel every bump in the pavement. I find myself deliberately walking on the bumpy things for blind people when wearing these runners just to feel the undulations as I find it’s a nice sensation.

I’m on the lookout for a new pair of superior quality to carry me through the summer months.

I need New Runners

Running Runners something like the below

have these but there bit worst for wear at the moment

currently my everyday trainers/casual shoes are cheap white canvas ones from penneys do the job and super comfy…

No worries, mate. When I first seen these a few months back I had the same opinion… but its funny how things grow on you, and when I tried them on they were so comfy I thought these would be ideal for the summer months…

And it’s most certainly trainers… not runners.