Post Ewan McKenna

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This is absolutely off the wall stuff. Car crash doesn’t describe it.

Skip ahead to 1 hour 10 minutes. Mackenna and waters absolutely flip the lid with each other.

Waters pretending not to know who Ewan Mackenna is :smiley::smiley:

“Who is this idiot”

What are you doing listening to that shite…I listened to 3 mins of it there and I’d be no fan of Ewan but he was dead right what he said to waters

It’s brilliant copy altogether.

Even at the start this crowd of head bangers were saying rain impacted attendance at their nutter conference last weekend before declaring the beeches are empty due to foreigners

Ewan has pivoted a bit recently, I’d say he’s after blowing it with the headbangers

Respect to Ewan, I always had great time for him :clap::clap:

Actually it is indeed a very entertaining exchange when Ewan gets in

And the hosts apologising vociferously to Waters because they assumed Ewan was one of them

Waters ‘I’m going to bed, I’m sick shit of this’
‘No no no John. Don’t go, please please, we didn’t expect that ‘ :grinning::rofl:


Hon Ewan. Jesus john is a horrible bastard. Something very sad though about the first way Ewan describes himself is Sports journalist of the year 2004.

He must have been only around 18 back then.

It’s hilarious.

Those lads said nobody turned up their head banger conference last week because of the weather.

A few minutes later they are saying nobody is at the beaches because of immigrants.

In fairness water tears mackenna and his ilk apart later on.

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What time does waters tear him apart? It’s grimly fascinating

Maybe fifteen or twenty minutes later.

Is he not in Portugal anymore ?

Does anybody know how the headbangers here got on in the election? They were extremely confident

Don’t agree with much he says but his bang on the money with this one. That article was a disgrace, bringing a nothing club dispute as feature in a national Sunday paper.

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