Post Recession Tiger Largesse and Excess


Now that the recession is officially behind us we need to highlight a return to the good old days of Celtic Tiger largesse and excess

The high water mark will be the day Bling water returns to the shelves of supermarkets. That will be the day to sell any real estate and hunker down for the next crash.

If we use this wisely the forum members can have the proverbial canary in the mine and get out in time next time


are we on precipice of another boom @TheUlteriorMotive ?
is it like 2002 all over again?


the signs are all there - i would liken it to 1995/1996


I thought we had a thread on this already??

well similar...


This is a new dawn, a new era.


9.60 for a 660 ml bottle of peroni in Milanos. We're back!


Very early stages @mickee321 . Banks are cutting debts deals left right and centre, people (mid 30's to early 50's) are starting get on with their lives again.

Food is the next boom sector and Ireland is well placed to benefit from this.

However the next crash will come with the realization that most of these social tech shares are way over priced. There is a serious bursting of a bubble to happen here at some stage. Ireland will have somewhat of a suffering in this but the food sector will rescue us.


havent been in dublin since an all ireland semi final in 2011 but there seems to be some awful auld bubble starting up around the docklands with the likes of facebook and google opening up. Landlords must be creaming themselves.
Ive read of "start up zone" and other talk associated with this but again its hugely dependent on flaky corporations who'll down tools at the first sign of a problem, these arent high tech start ups, its just merely outsourcing or in the case of Intel in Leixlip a technology transfer from a different site so the money could be gone in the morning.
Surely we will soon have the latest breed of Celtic tiger singletons paying a grand a month rent in one of those awful Allison O"Riordan type shoeboxes on the luas line out towards the Point, yer man who runs that very good Lovin Dublin recipe website wrote a funny review of the restaurants down there recently saying it was overpriced, bad quality grub but that was what the clientele were willing to accept and pay for.


Facebook just announced taking over a new building near GC - not sure if they've bought or leased it. As far as I know Google own a bunch of buildings in the same area so probably makes it harder for them to up sticks and leave. You're right though, landlords who bought in the area years ago are creaming it you would imagine.


That's already happening, pal. Rent in Dublin city centre is fucking ridiculous.


Google are cunts. I'm trying to find a new place in the area now and the cost of renting apartments there is fucking ridiculous. A mate of mine had to move out of his apartment in the Gasworks as Google had bought it and were upping the rent to €1800 for a 2 bed.:eek:


Rent is a joke. Me and the missus were blessed to find a nice two bed house in East Wall for 1200 p/m. Which is still expensive in my book, but sure she's paying 2/3rds of it. :pint:


You're close to the mark as far as I can see, @mickee321. Rents are rocketing up in the docklands area. I know someone who's just signed a lease for a 1-bed apartment down there at €1,350 per week.

A quick look on DAFT shows rents for 2 and 3-bed places in the area on the rise too. These DAFT cunts then perpetuate it with their quarterly "Rents are surging upwards in Dublin city centre" reports. Landlords take note and try to squeeze a bit more from tenants at the next rent review.


wtf? per week or per month?


Was it in the big round building or the other ones? If its the big round one then it wasn't Google who bought it as they're all owned by 1 developer who bought it a few years and upped the management fees to 2 or 3 grand.


Oh right, yes. I should have typed per month - not sure why I said per week. I think that's awfully expensive.


The other ones. Google have a shit load of apartments there and in the surrounding area as well. The area around there from Ringsend, Grand Canal square, Pearse Street, etc the price of rent is fooking ridiculous.


1800 a month wouldn't pay the mortgage on alot of these celtic tiger 'investments'


A work colleague of mine was looking at buying in that area recently. 260k for a 2 bed shoebox that needed about 30k put into it. Not quite Celtic Tiger proportions but tis moving that way.


No but anyone getting in now or in the last 3 years are cleaning up. Apartments going near the IFSC for €80k cash 12 months ago. Wouldn't take too long to make your money back even if you were only getting €1200 or €1300 a month.