Post Recession Tiger Largesse and Excess


It’s back to weighing up the benefits of the location against the exorbitant cost.


Plus some, not all, of the apartments in the area are of shocking build quality. Liam Carroll and the Dublin planning authorities have a lot to answer for.


His notion was to live in it for a few years and then rent it out when he wants to move down the country. A conversation all too familiar from 5-6 years ago. I’ll never understand Irish peoples aversion to long term rental.


It’s dead money, you fool!!!



Can you fire a dart at this GIF and confirm where we are at please


To be fair, we don’t have the same protection for renters in Ireland than what they do in mainland Europe. Property investors in Germany wouldn’t touch a property there unless it had a minimum 15-20% yield. We had lads buying apartments for €400k that yielded €2500 max per month. I have a sinking feeling that very few lessons were learned in the last 5 years.


I was paying about 1300 for a nice two bed apartment in ringsend around 2010, what’s it like now?


Depends on if it was done up or not since you moved out.


where the fuck are NAMA gone ??..surely they have a shit laod of city properties and sites on their books?..




I had lunch in Residence today. I said @briantinnion 's name at the door and I was welcomed in.


1300 minimum-that’s the bar we’ve set but very few available at that price and those that are disappear within an hour. We’ll probably have to go to at least €1400 if not €1500:mad:. It’s a sickener but we really don’t want to move from the area. Supply and demand and all that I suppose.


Serious?! Cunts! If I move back to Dublin within the next year or so then I’ll probably be earning less and paying more for rent so. :mad:


Yeah but we could go to yoga classes and get our fannies shaved in salons together so it would be worth it.


I could move in with you and your missus and we’d all be best pals AND save money.


Maybe Horsebox would get to see some vag on vag action.



some bullshit flying about…


At today’s Am Cham Thanksgiving lunch in the Four Seasons Hotel, Minister Noonan said that Net jobs being created is 1200 per week which is close to the high of 1500 per week in the halcyon 96-99

We’re back


time for muggins here to return to Oirleand


Mini property bubble happening. Most sales are for cash and still hard for normal folk to buy but though there is only a certain amount of cash out there so it could be short term.
Graduates and under 25’s now get €100 on scratcher, this is forcing them to take jobs on minimum wages, €17k a year, circa €300 a week take home. This will reduce wages in the future as companies won’t give massive wages increases as they think their employee is lucky to have a job. No 23/24 year old in 10 years will be able to buy a house on their wages cos banks will not be able to lend as they did years ago with multiples of salary.

Commercial properties are mostly selling cheap to foreign investors like Kennedy Wilson and rental income will go straight out of Ireland without reinvestment. No new developments at the moment although there are refurbs happening so a few more construction and quantity surveyor jobs, but again wages have been totally slashed as again construction workers are just happy to be back at work.

Same old story, Rich get richer…