Post Recession Tiger Largesse and Excess


I will be disappointed if i am not invited to your surprise ''Welcome Home'' party.


Get out of Oz before the shit hits the fan mate.


Neither yourself nor any of your cowardly ilk will be welcomed back to these shores you fucking O'Neill. It's the winners and true patriots that stayed and got this country back on its feet again and if you think you can swan back in here now that the good times are back you can fuck right off.


"If you want a career in fashion you go to Milan. If you want a career in technology you go to Dublin."


Men like Enda Kenny you mean?


Unemployment down again, down to 12.5% clapclapclap

This, in combination with the higher tax take yesterday and Barry Egan and Niamh Horans increasingly vapid articles would suggest the good times are coming back. :pint::pint:


Who said that, pal?


If you say so, bud. It just sickens me that all those living the dream cunts will start pouring back into the country now that people like me have put our shoulder to the wheel for the last few years and brought the good times back.


Donnatella Versace


Did the good times really go or was that just for the peasants?


Ill be back & the first thing Ill do when I get back is hunt you and your mate carryharry down & ill smash you


You're not wanted back, mate. I've told you that already. Stay where you are because if I get a sight of some sunburnt simpleton cycling down the Haddington Road on a fixie, I will bust your fucking head.


Was in newspaper article at the weekend - probably some IDA head but it is a good one liner to trot out in the conference rooms of the world.


All not rosy everywhere....

2 IT companies I know of have let go a good few people in the past few weeks in the Galway area. All good people I might add.


Not every tech company can succeed.
Was it from well known companies?


There'll be the odd hard luck story, mate but I think it's fair to say that we have it pretty fucking sweet at the moment.


:rolleyes: that's what they get for working for yellow pack IT companies


Pfizer, A wear, MSD all letting staff go..looking forward to watch that programme on rte next Monday night about who owns Ireland..think that will tell a lot as to how little purchasing Paddy is doing.. instead we have bailed out the banks and Foreigners have bought up all the cut price deals..:( once again Paddy is bottom of the pile..


The likes of Pfizer, Intel and HP just go through cycles. Give it a year or two and they'll announce 200 new jobs before announcing layoffs 2 years later. Always presumed it was their way of churning out the bluffers. A Wear are probably the start of a bunch of clothes chains who'll go under due to online buying - a few others disappeared already didn't they. Haven't a notion who MSD are.

In short, everything here is grand. We all have it great. Just don't go shouting from the rooftops about it in case we attract all those Aussie cunts home.


Pfizer and MSD are multinationals and their decision to let people go would have nothing to do with our economy. A wear's stuff is muck. I was in town on Saturday and it was packed with shoppers. Everything is rosy again here, mate, trust me.