Post Recession Tiger Largesse and Excess


Champagne & Oyster Bars in Limerick.

The boom has officially gotten boomier


I found it apt that the one in Dublin airport was called Flutes


Loads of builders taking a few days off for drinking and gambling this week . The boom is back .


I thought this was a common occurrence for the trade around this time of year. All wedging themselves into suits to hop on a plane and sing songs in some field in the UK and shout about how its the olympics of horse racing.


If there was one thing I learned from the last boom it’s that I didn’t party hard enough. Full steam ahead from here. You’ll be paying for it either way.


No I mean stay at home , go to the local and have a real Cheltenham . On wit around Rathkeale alway said he missed cheltenham because he went there .


What’s the deal with that place, sounded interesting but they said in house coffee was from lavazza and Robert Roberts, both absolute muck, doesn’t auger well for the rest of it


@Fagan_ODowd is there a Findlater shop in Howth?


I’ve got this FOD.



No. There is a Findlater pub.


Dorset Street isn’t it .






They must have heard that @flattythehurdler is on the way.


The Oirish invaders.


I see the local credit union are now advertising " No more waiting for credit committee decisions, loans approved within 24 hours "


I am only waiting to be pre approved for a credit card and the party can really get underway


We are all partying mate .