Posters you can't wait to wish Happy Christmas to

Continuing the discussion from Great days on TFK:

I’ll second the vote for @ChocolateMice

@Julio_Geordio has always struck me as a smarmy little fucker too, so he can FOAD.

Aside from those two, nobody jumps out. I’ll update if, and when, needs be.



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A tasteless post from a mong from the colonies. Quelle surprise.


@balbec the squarehead.

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Ah lovely.

Fuck off back to eating steak & mustard off your poorly built chest of drawers in your 2 bed apartment with 8 of ye living in it.


This could be the thread that finally breaks the Internet.

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I wouldn’t mind if it was in any way humorous


Who’s the 8, pal? Don’t let your impoverished upbringing influence your assumptions of others.

This thread is in very bad taste

are you off to Oz Mac?

Just another poor fella afraid to admit he is miserable being away from home for Christmas.
Probably planning a big session on Bondi beach for Christmas day with 40 other Irish people who are all in the same boat.
Telling all the lads at home about the big bucks he is making, but he can’t even afford a flight home for Christmas because he is living pay cheque to pay cheque.

I’m not mate. We’re heading towards Canary Islands instead. Thanks for all your advice, you cunt

Poor taste this. That bradley lad has issues

Enjoy the canaries mo chara, I hope you and your family have a merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous 2016


Same to you buddy. Safe travelling.


Have a great Christmas mate.,

All the best to you and your ones also.

All joking aside Mac, I am too.
What island, kid?

Lanzarote. Will be there from Wrens Day

Swinging wildly you are. Throwing up every stereotype in the book now; the sign of a badly rattled man. Can I expect any originality from you moving forward?