Premier League 2017/18


Ref riding citeh here.


Ah this is tremendous.

That was a peno all day.


Ridiculous decision.


English referees. :laughing:


Should have had a penalty earlier too


No British referee at the World Cup this year for the first time since, I think it’s 1934.


liverpool would have to be happy with the way this is going, citeh a bit rattled/unsettled for Tuesday


It’s not wonder FIFA want none of these clowns at the world cup.


Was it not Herrera that chested it to Pogba for the first goal ?


It was actually ya. Sanchez had crossed the ball in


Sterling has been muck


What a save, unreal.


Manchester United would be below Arsenal in the table only for De Gea.


It’s not city’s day.


It’s almost like Manchester United and Liverpool have collaborated to write a script for this match.


City still look like a team bearing the scars of Wednesday nights terrorist attack.



No guard of honour for Kyle Walker from his old teammates next Saturday now.


Guardiola is just two games away from the sack.


No. Was just thinking that.