Premier League 2017/18


A lesson in the last week for more teams just to have a go at them. Pep’s cheerleaders in the media have a lot to answer for. Those cunts on 5live were nearly in tears last Tuesday night.


He hasn’t progressed one iota since leaving Liverpool .


That match had a lot of similarities to the 1993/94 equivalent. 1860 led 2-0 in that too before a Frenchman scored twice to level it and a shit water carrier scored the winner by finishing a simple ball in from the left that split the defence.


Great to see Pogba shut up the doubters.

FA Cup 2018

He’s a great league manager. Not such a good cup manager. Wednesday, today, and Tuesday were all effectively cup matches.

I was absolutely shocked at how easily Manchester United opened them up.

I’d say Stones and Laporte will start for them in central defence on Tuesday. Otamendi is a shit show and Kompany surely can’t play three big games in six days.


I didn’t see the game today but generally speaking that’s not right, Sterling has been the best he’s ever been this year


He has been decent this season but you always feel in real big games he can fluff chances . I still think he lacks real clinical finishing ability .


In his absence Stones is looking like Baresi .


Sterling’s performances for Manchester City have not been better than what he produced in the second half of the 2013/14 season.

That said, I don’t know what Guardiola was thinking not picking him on Wednesday night.

It was a signal that Guardiola has a lack of confidence in him when it really matters, but it was also a signal that Guardiola doesn’t have total conviction in his own philosophy when it really matters, because if he had, Sterling had to play.


Man City need their manager working on improving their defence rather that supporting Catalan separatists .


His finishing has always been an issue, but he’s a better player than he was at Liverpool, I’ve been really impressed with him this year, 16 league goals in 29 appearances suggest he’s doing a lot right in front of goal as well


His defence really got into the spirit of things today by being torn into ribbons similar to the ones Guardiola wears.


Guardiola regularly changes things for no reason before big Champions League games and it generally backfires


To be fair he is decent but he is playing for a side where a ridiculous amount of chances will present themselves . I still think he lacks real ruthlessness in finishing and final ball . I think he is a fine player but lacks a little to be rated at top level .


The Empire has struck back this week :frowning_face:


How was yesterday effectively a cup match Sid ?


The most one sided display of officiating I’ve seen since Denton on 1988.


It looks like Southamton are gone.

There’s absolutely no way they should be going down with the squad they have, getting rid of Puel at the end of the season has proven to be a terrible decision.


Fourth consecutive win for Sean Dyche’s Burnley. Just two points off Woolwich in 6th. What a season they’re having.

@Cicero_Dandi looking very silly agitating for the sacking of Sean Dyche.


That was lapsed poster @Il_Bomber_Destro i think.