Premier League 2017/18


I was merely looking for you to apply your own standards to Dyche.


New poster @Cicero_Dandi was agitating for the sacking of Sean Dyche as well. He does seem to share a lot of the views of former poster @Nembo_Kid.


A shame you can’t hold the same views with yourself, you’re a contradiction.


You got it badly wrong agitating for Sean Dyche to be sacked.

You’re fairly new around here but you’ll need to up your game considerably. You were telling us last night that Roma knocked Chelsea out of this seasons European Cup. Surprising as a Chelsea fan that you weren’t aware that it was Barcelona that knocked Chelsea out.


I only asked you to apply your own rationale.


Liverpool one up Mane.


Dyche is the best manager in the game


Quality from big Mo


Goal 40. Unreal


some cross from alex arnold for the 2nd goal
both fullbacks for liverpool are maturing into nice players


Wolves are premier league next year


the Holy Spirit brought them back to the top table


Wolves, another Club who struggled after that spoofer Mick McCarthy almost destroyed them.


Alli simulating again.


The Pellegrino appointment was baffling


City could be 3 up already.


Spurs well on top now


Great ball from Kompany


Spurs have been well on top for about 20 seconds in this whole game. Well deserved goal for Man City


OK mate, I suppose I need to point out that it was just a gag, City have been rampant