Premier League 2017/18


No, Perez touched the ball


There is but the same can be said about all the top domestic leagues in Europe. Bayern Munich having sacked their manager earlier in the season wrapped up a 6 in a row Bundesliga in record quick time. Juventus on course for a 7 in a row in Italy. Barcelona, who look well below the level of their recent European Cup glories a mile clear in Spain and looking they’ll go unbeaten. PSG 14 points clear in France.


Newcastle win 2-1. Rafa is doing some job


9th away defeat of the season for Woolwich. They’ve won just 3 of their 16 away games. Sean Dyche’s Burnley will move above Woolwich if they beat Chelsea at Turfmoor on Thursday night.


Arsenal could do worse than go for rafa


Perfect appointment at the minute, good technical players who he will enjoy working with and he can toughen them up and make them more organised.


WBA lead at Old Trafford.


Old Trafford emptying

We’re gonna win the league


@dodgy_keeper going offline





Terribly disappointing for City not to have won it in front of their supporters, very worthy champions anyway although it was another shocker of a year from the traditional title chasers, the fact that United will finish second says it all.


This is beautiful, we’ve only gone and won it.





The greatest team the Premier League has ever seen


UNITED 99 gone by the wayside now, we are the best


Not a fact, especially after today’s result.