Premier League 2017/18


Sean Dyche’s Burnley in with a real shot of playing in Europe, what an achievement it would be, great manager


Everton have been utter garbage this year. The league is a free for all outside of the top six.


Won a fifth consecutive top flight match for the first time in nearly 50 years since November 1968 yesterday. @Cicero_Dandi will still probably be on agitating for Sean Dyche to be sacked.


I’m only applying your logic.


Should surely be shortlisted for manager of the year considering the squad and resources he has at his disposal. A great manager and a wonderful man


According to RTÉ news there, Arsenal haven’t won a single point away from home in 2018 :hushed:


They already play in Europe mate


The last time that no team in red won the English league title for five straight seasons was 1957-58 to 1962-63 (Wolves, Wolves, Burnley, Spurs, Ipswich, Everton).

We have crushed the empire.


In the red ???


In the same way as Derry City and the Armagh football team play in the United Kingdom?


That’s 6 in a row mate. Surely Spurs next season to make it another 6 in a row.


Former Tottenham Hotspur player Peter Crouch off the bench to put Stoke ahead in the 79th minute at West Ham in the big relegation 6 pointer. First goal for Crouchy since November. cc @Special_Olympiakos.



Book yer summer holidays Joe, won’t be needed in Russia anyway


Big Andy Carroll equalises on the stroke of 90 minutes.


Joe hart wouldn’t block butter .


Stoke City players momentarily think a 94th minute whistle from the again excellent Michael Oliver signals a penalty for a foul in the box but its an offside. The Stoke players accept the referee’s decision with good grace notwithstanding their perilous status in the relegation places.


How does lambert keep getting jobs?


Oliver is a disgrace.


Do you fish Geoff?


One of the clique