Premier League 2017/18


Kilkenny hurling fan all giddy about the epl. Quelle surprise


You’re a cunt




:laughing: :laughing:

@iron_mike mugged off good and proper


1 Liverpool (our year)
2 Everton
3 Arsenal
4 Newcastle
5 Tottenham Hot Spurs
6 Manchester City
7 Chelsea
8 Man-chester Unirah
9 West Bromwich Albion
10 Stoke
11 West Ham
12 Southampton
13 Leicester
14 Huddersfield
15 Crystal Palace
16 Sunderland
17 QPR
18 Norwich
19 Watford
20 Swansea




Sorry, I obviously meant Hull.


New season same defense problems. :sob:


Firmino picking up Okaka from the corner :thinking:




10 goals in 125 odd mins of football.

Good start in fairness.


Id a sneaky degenerate bet on a goal shower today


7 games on today, that’s a good shout mate.


Ah its speculative enough one nil all will fuck it


I’ve two of my 4 over 3.5 goals accum up now :see_no_evil: It’s the hope that kills you. Need city and spurs to oblige now as well


Also put a tenner on Huddersfield at 4/1 to be the opening weekend shock


Straight red for Cahill. Chelsea have one gone & another on a yellow after 13mins. Rash challenge.


Chelsea players losing it with the ref. Fabregas booked now.

Burnley have settled into this well.


Burnley a goal up Vokes. Well deserved.

Chelsea can’t handle Brady’s movement so far.


Burnley go 1 up. Brady is playing well