Premier League 2017/18


Huddersfield a goal up at CP. Ward OG.
cc @Julio_Geordio




Conte has not managed the sending off well at all


This isn’t going too bad for you


15 more goals needed so far.


14 now. West brom 1 up


Its fucked id say…if id to guess now id say it will get to 20


That PaddyPower ad with the lad in the wheelchair singing ‘Gold’ always brings a smile to my face.


Man City could destroy Brighton I’d say


Swansea Southampton will screw you.


Ward with a screamer puts Burnley 2 up. :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

Smashingly well worked short free kick.


Stunner from Wardy




Is the Chelsea thread set up yet this season?


Go fuck yourself


Learn to count, take off the socks maybe.


Go crawl back under your rock. Or smoke something else.


Vokes again. 3 nil.

Chelsea let Burnley go short on free kick again & delivery is spot on. Great finish, great ball in. Chelsea all at sea.


Lovely, Chelsea 3 down now,
who are the TFK flip floppers supporting this year??


Whatever team will make you dance again into a new season you dimwit.