Premier League 2017/18


Chelsea were actually playing well until the sending off as well


Bar Willian they are all septic.




Need 12 now, yeah. It’s on Ted.


Batshuayi is absolutely terrible. Conte needs to get Costa back


How many you waiting on now kid?


Burnley are 8/11 +1 on 2nd half handicap. Chaaaaarrrrgge


Too many still i think.




After 12 mins and all the 3pm K/O’s scoreless you have to be happy now.


A couple of early second half goals and you’ll be close


Man City v Brighton will be key, needs 3 + goals in it minimum I think.


Yeah slow to get going. 7 first half goals need 8 minimum in 2nd half.

Never did that bet before good way to keep an interest because iv mo mind for it at all


Chelsea will surely get you a couple here in the second half. They literally can’t play any worse than they have in the 1st half.


Yeah but if they go for it Burnley could grab a few more


so many goals from corners in the EPL is off putting, ill be giving it a few weeks and ill talk to @Nembo_Kid befor ei decide if ill keep on following chelsea or indeed follow any epl team this year


Ward’s goal was an absolute worldie :clap::clap::clap::clap:


Good comprehensive answer mate,
That thick cunt @carryharry who spends his lovely sunny weekends and spare time watching TV with a baby didn’t help much, I couldn’t make head nor tail of what he was trying to say.


I don’t think he could either.


No mate, he’s watching the TV on his own at the moment as he’s after getting the baby off to sleep through parking it in front of the television, :rofl: unorthodox but effective.