Premier League 2017/18


I’m all in on Brendan Rodgers and his fenian warriors this year.


Hon Huddersfield


Typical itie… No conviction.


post reported


Good decision from Burnley to stick with Dyche and resist calls from certain quarters to sack him.


I’m giving the Owls one more season if you fancy jumping on board mate.

We lost to Preston last week. Drawing with QPR at the moment. Beat the Spireites in the league cup 4-1 during the week (drawn away to Bolton in the next round).

I plan on going to Owls vs Blades next month.


I’m all over this Burnley side. Whatever about the 4 irish lads, sending off and winning 3-0, they are thumping the fucking shit out of Chelsea. Some wonderful old school tackling and cute hoorism


sign me up to both mate



A very British Isles team in many ways.


Is that Shellfield Wednesday @thedancingbaby


Irish people dont use that term mate


Must make it difficult to explain who you’re referring to outside of a RA meeting mate?


Morata off the mark.



Why would we talk about the “british isles”


I am irish, by birth at least, and i use it.

So you are 100% wrong


The British Isles is the bame of a collection of islands on the west coast of europe.


you are wrong to use it

Our government would never use it so why do you?


All youse lads are big fans of the EPL mate?



you need to start challenging things mate rather than accepting all the time


I follow Sheffield Wednesday mate